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Ramzy Edmon | Film Director


I'm a Film Director and Editor who is passionated about editing, scriptwriting, video shooting, and general video production. I work with Ad Agencies, PR Companies, Directors and Startups to deliver high quality videos worldwide.

I received my Filmmaking Diploma from Calibre Academy, where I've studied film directing with the Great Director Ali Badrkhan.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any video questions, you would like to see more samples, or just to say Hello!


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When your history talking about you, you just sit back and watch how people are impressed!!


I call them my success partners

Ramzy Edmon is a very decent, hard worker and talented man.
In my opinion he has a bright future, as he left his career in engineering, and decided to start his artistic career in film editing and directing, as well as good knowledge in music and other post production issues.
I recommend Ramzy Edmon

Mohamed Marros | Scriptwriter

I was looking for a filmmaker who could help me directing my very difficult script, then I met Ramzy Edmon and we got into a long discussion, that meeting I remember has given me an idea about him very well, that I believed I'm about to cooperate with a very special one.
Ramzy is a talented artist indeed, most important about him that he's a dreamer, which pushes him to unlimited worlds through a vision of a special, staggering and ambitious filmmaker.
Working with him is an inspiring and great experience. I just put all my trust in him making my script out to the screen, he keeps baffling me with his absolute talent in which I did not expect, and I'm looking forward for more projects to be done together in the near future.

Emad Youssry | Scriptwriter

The true artist is the one who combines the qualities of art and creativity and the qualities of humanity in all its meanings.
Dear Ramzy, since the first day we met to work and even when we traveled together I felt you are close to my heart and my thoughts and when we worked together and you shared me a journey of success in many projects, I made sure that I'm working with a true artist and a human who carries the genes of creativity and humanity .. All the success and the best for a bright future, my Creative Friend!

Michel Maher | Actor

Ramzy Edmon is very creative and accurate when it comes to execution of his vision. He uses the highest tools within the budget to make very stunning videos. I was leaded by him before and it was a great experience. I highly recommend Ramzy Edmon.

Nader Fouad | Actor

I knew Ramzy Edmon before I met him through his work as he made a showreel for a friend of mine and as a Prof. of cinema studies @ New York Univ. I could judge and sense the real talent & I also saw a short film he did. He's really a very good storyteller and a great Film Editor as well besides the fact that he has a great & outside the box ideas and great vision that made me recommend him to my long time partner & producer in the United States to work on his projects over there. 
He's a very promising young man with great hopes, dreams and vision as well.
I hardly recommend him, He's too good to be true.

Nader Fouad


Working with Ramzy Edmon is like making things by yourself or even better. He always comes up with creative ideas and when we agree to something he does the job more than my expectations. He is really talented and easy to work with.

Ahmed Mokhtar


Ahmed Mokthtar | Director
Hazem Fouda | Film Director

Ramzy Edmon is a talented filmmaker who stared from scratch curving his unique talent by writing, shooting editing, producing and directing his own project until he forced everyone to take attention that there is a devoted filmmaker is uprising. I was honored to work with him and wish him all the best and will let his work to talk about him more. Go Ramzy the future is yours, Take It!

Hazem Fouda


Ramzy Edmon is a human, very kind, one day he spent a full day at my home to shoot me by his smartphone while i was training and getting ready to do a monologue in English.
Ramzy is more than a skilled artist, because the humanity raises the technical level of the artist. That’s why i asked him to make my showreel, he didn't disappoint me, but he made it stunning more than I ever imagined!

Emad El Raheb


Emad El Raheb | Actor
Madhava Madireddy | Film Director

Ramzy Edmon is a passionate and creative film-maker who always look for interesting ways of telling visual stories. He is extremely skilled in writing, directing the actors and post production. He is an avid learner and has an excellent knowledge of cinematography and is a great ally to work with in a team setting.

Madhava Medireddy


I met Ramzy Edmon a few years ago, We worked together on a theatre show then we became friends, and that because of his distinguished persona practically and humanely. And by virtue of my profession as a director and because we have been cooperating in many areas such as video editing, videography, photography, and others I can say he really proved his merit and uniqueness. Ramzy Edmon is the man of easy and difficult tasks that are done accurately and professionally.

Sherif El Gazzaz


Sherif El Gazzaz | Director


Film Director and Editor

Passion of Filmmaking

After 10 years of experience in Engineering, I've found my calling!  -  Filmmaking

Making people laugh, cry, tense up, or even get scared is not a simple task to achieve at all. It is a skill, a talent, and a gift.
Stories are always able to inspire, push and change your future life.
It's also your refuge when you are lost!

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