Engineering gave me the analytical thinking, but media life taught me how to be more creative and to always change my way of thinking to always create new ideas. It's all about Passion, It's all about Creativity. that's why I'm always trying to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

After 10 years of experience in Engineering, I've found my calling!


Making people laugh, cry, tense up, or even get scared is not a simple task to achieve at all. It is a skill, a talent, and a gift.
Stories are always able to inspire, push and change your future life.
It's also your refuge when you are lost

I’ve over 5 years of experience in the film/video production industry with an impressive skill level in video/audio production editing, and color grading tools such as Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition with basic skills of Adobe Photoshop and illustrator.

I've studied Film directing with the Great Director Mr. Ali Badrkhan, I've received my Filmmaking Diploma from Calibre Academy.

I’ve directed, edited and colored Short Movies, Music Videos, YouTube & TV Shows, Promos, Trailers and many other kinds of videos.

I've produced four short movies in addition to other videos and a YouTube show, I was responsible for choosing locations, proper equipments, and crew.

I've co-directed the event of AFI Global Policy Forum in 2017 which was held in Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt. I was also responsible for directing the crew of photographers and videographers.

I was a part of 6 operettas for Arab Academy for Science, Tecnhology and Maritime Transport - AASTMT with the director Mr. Ahmed Mokhtar as a Video/Audio editor and an operator. Last one was performed on the main theater of Cairo Opera House.

My main strengths to do successful jobs.
It's all about how to tell a story.



Life requires daily acts of ingenuity and novel workarounds. Creativity is associated with many factors, including conducive environments, ideal collaborators, personality traits, serendipity, and even a quest for spiritual muses.
When I learn new information, sleeping or enjoying a distraction allows my unconscious mind to process the data in novel and surprising ways, thereby laying the groundwork for a creative insight or breakthrough.



Think straight, Talk straight

“Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.” - William J. H. Boetcker



Mind the details. Success dictates every detail to be scrutinized.
Action is not by itself enough. Action without purposeful attention to details inevitably leads to a sloppy failure.

Core Competencies

Film Directing
Film Editing
Film Production


Video Editing
Audio Editing


Digital Marketing
Content Creating



Contact me

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Independent Filmmaking

Indepednent Film Director

I’ve directed 3 short independent movies one of them was awarded the 2nd prize of Children Film Festival (2017) I’ve also assisted in many short films that are currently being shown in Film Festivals.
As a director, I'm responsible for many tasks like:
1- Choose scene settings and locations and determine best time of day for filming.
2- Minimize retakes and rehearsals through actor guidance and instruction.
3- Establish timing and pacing of individual scenes.
4- Create the shot list for all scenes.

Film Editor

Director's vision cannot be achieved without the skills of film editors. These film editors are the technical people who make watching the film interesting and help directors in telling the story they want
As a Film Editor:
> I manage post-production process of filming.
> I collect, compile, and edit film according to director's vision.
> I ensure background music and other sound properly matches with the film.

I’ve edited and colored many Egyptian and Australian short movies.


Video Production

I creatively interpreted client ideas, from design to concept and final output, ensuring client satisfaction and retention
I’ve produced many kinds of videos in many fields such as teasers, trailers, promos, commercial events and YouTube videos.

Video Editing

Video editing is the main task that controls how you are telling the story, and this is what I put in mind when editing any video.
I work alongside clients to deliver engaging and informative edits in the most timely and cost-effective manner.
I perform digital video editing workflow from beginning to finished production,I do color correction/grading, multi camera edits, titles, chapter and menu creation, final encode and export, DVD creation, commercials events, showreels, promos, music videos, TV show, trailers and documentaries in a timely manner for various clients
sound editing (effects, leveling, syncing, narration).


Era for Integrated Technology Solutions
2011 - 2016

Project Sales Manager

I was responsible for driving the sales process from identified potential to the final sales deal. I had the responsibility to reach established sales targets through actively meeting and working with customers.

    >     I was running the negotiations with the customer            and securing the business to the agreed margins,            as well as ensuring a high level of customer            satisfaction throughout the sale process.

     >    Prepare sales proposals to customers and            salespersons.

     >    Actively supported that payments from the            customer are received in accordance with the            terms and conditions of the contract.

     >    Actively assisted other departments to ensure            that contracts are executed correctly.

     >    Organized and coordinated post-sales marketing            activities in collaboration with other Service            organizations.

     >    Organized and coordinated the process of system            implementation as well as ensuring the quality            and stability of implemented systems.

Renaissance for Technological Development - RTD 2009 – 2011

Research and Development Engineer

I was responsible for:    


        >    Design, plan, document and develop new                hardware products from initial requirements                through prototypes to production ready.

        >    Documentation of design specifications and                implementation details. Lead design reviews.

        >    Upholding of hardware design standards and                methodologies.

        >    Realization of complex system requirements to                provide robust and reliable hardware solutions.

        >    the complete implementation of detailed                technical items and an                understanding/appreciation of system level                items.

        >    Maintaining of existing designs and develop                new variants of existing products to add new                features, deal with component end-of-life, etc.

Projects Accomplished:


        >    Design, coding and assembling of Rack Access               Control System.

        >    Design, coding and assembling of Home               Automation System.

        >    Development of Android Client App that               controls the Home Automation System.

The Technical Office for Medical Machines

Research and Development Engineer

I was responsible for reverse engineering of the corrupted circuit boards of medical machines to design it from scratch.

Projects Accomplished:
- Design of a Ventilator as Graduation Project for    Medical Engineering Students.
- Designed a Control Panel of a Luminar for a Medical    Company in Kuwait.


Calibre Academy
2017 - 2018                          

Filmmaking Diploma

>    Film Directing
>    Film Editing
>    Cinematography
>    Scriptwriting

Shorouk Academy
2003 - 2008

Bachelor degree in Communications and Electronics

Sector of Computer and Control


Film Director and Editor

Passion of Filmmaking

After 10 years of experience in Engineering, I've found my calling!  -  Filmmaking

Making people laugh, cry, tense up, or even get scared is not a simple task to achieve at all. It is a skill, a talent, and a gift.
Stories are always able to inspire, push and change your future life.
It's also your refuge when you are lost!

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